A Year of Growth Part 1

It is hard to believe how much I have changed in over a year. I used to be painfully shy. (I couldn’t even say hello!) Plus, (and most people don’t know this), I struggled for over a decade with mental illnesses, addictions, and an eating disorder.

Looks were everything and pretending I was okay was top priority. I put too much importance on using makeup to hide instead of using makeup for fun. A year ago I stopped using makeup. I stopped doing Aloette.

I started a retail job and really pushed myself to conquer my shyness that crippled me in life. I have worked with so many kinds of people now. I have been made fun of and made some people mad.

Through those painful moments I experienced great joy when I would make a customer smile or laugh. When I would go the extra mile in getting a cart, carrying a heavy item, listening to a story, or giving a simple discount.

I always found it funny when customers would share a story about their day and then say,

“Oh my I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to go on like that.”

Or when a customer gets embarrassed that they are asking for things to be rung up a certain way,

“Sorry I know I am being one of those customers.”

I always say that it is okay. It is not just my job to be a good listener. I believe it is part of being a good human being. Feeling heard is so important. Be that person who listens. You never know what the customer has been through in their life or even that day.

My personal phrase is: a smile can save a life. Don’t be afraid to be human. People will appreciate your effort to sympathize. To go out of your way.


Back from the Silence

Hi everyone,

I wanted to start off by saying thank you for still following this blog and I hope you all still enjoy the content. I am sorry for not giving ample warning (or any warning for that matter) that I was going to be taking a hiatus from Aloette and my accounts.

The truth is that I realized something. I wasn’t quite ready to take Aloette to the next level. I had so much to learn about myself and what is important in life.

I have learned to be more sociable for sure but what I truly have learned this past year is who has been there for me. The Aloette sisters are some of the most kind and open ladies I know. If you would be interested in a community you can truly grow with I encourage you to visit the Aloette site to join.

My family, meeting new friends, and making people is happy is what I like best. Aloette is not really going to be a job for me, but a hobby. When I think about it as a job, I stink. When I think about it as a hobby I thrive.

I am currently in the middle of budgeting to launch my Aloette business once again. I am planning on starting this summer.

I am still on Instagram as aloettecraze and I do have my twitter as well with aloettecraze as my twitter handle. Instagram is updated more often than my twitter and has some pictures of different products I am testing and a little extra too.

I hope you are all anticipating my relaunch as much as I am. I have a good feeling about it and I will be sharing more soon. I also have an update: the website link aloette.com/rosemendoza is not valid as of now since I went on my hiatus. I am planning on having a website again soon but just a reminder if you click on any of links to that site it will not show anything. Happy Monday everyone!

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