Cracked to Smooth

During the winter is when I look at my lips and think…ugh, gross. That familiar light and dry look. Ew you get the picture.

Why do lips get this way even in the warm seasons? According to, the skin on your lips soothe and smoothis thin and does not secrete any sebum like the rest of your skin does. Resulting in the peeling of your skin.

Licking your lips provides temporary relief but when it evaporates it leaves your lips even drier than before.

You could just grab some chapstick but sometimes that takes a long time to get your lips back to their smooth and healthy look. I suggest using some Soothe and Smooth.

Soothe and Smooth is not just a lip balm but an exfoliate that gently removes the flaky and dry skin to reveal velvety lips. Don’t sit there suffering when ease is just clicks away.

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